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April 19, 2006

What is Tradeshow Exhibitor Liability Insurance?

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 Exhibitor Liability Insurance

The Exhibitor Liability Program is designed to provide liability Insurance for Exhibitors. This program has become very popular for two main reasons:

  • Protect the Exhibition & Event Manager's loss record from claims caused by exhibitors.
  • Give insurance coverage to exhibitors who cannot easily purchase insurance in the US or whose foreign insurance will not pay claims in the US .

Another benefit of this program is that it can lower liability insurance costs for Exhibition and Event Managers by eliminating the possibility of their insurance company having to pay a claim covered by an exhibitor's insurance policy.

This program is easy to administer. Just place our application in your insurance set-up manual or online and the exhibitors deal with us directly. We will report to you who has purchased insurance.

We have customized our application to fit a show's color schemes, we have printed the applications and delivered them to a show managers' mailing house and we have put customized applications on line.

The program is administered by a former meeting planner and works very smoothly. That is, it will not cause you extra work and frustration.

Our goal is competitive pricing and extraordinary service!

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